Gives your pup a head start at the gundog game with a thorough introduction to life as a future gundog. (Pups from 12 weeks of age)
• Obedience training (Heel, sit, here) • Sit on whistle • Force fetch ( fetch on demand with hand delivery) • Steady to shot • Collar conditioning • Multiple marked retrieves on land and in water up to 100 yards • Retrieves through decoys on land and in water • Shot flyers (live ducks) experience with cripples. • Work from a blind and dog stand
Fidovite SportzDog - fed once daily
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Purina pro plan sport, fed according to your dogs needs.
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Cosequin - Fed according to your dogs needs
$800 monthly
A recommended 6 month minimum startout of solid basic training will have your dog fully prepared for his first hunt. (Dogs from 6 months of age)
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Next level training, developing your dog to their full potential. In addition to the solid basics taught in our basic gundog program.. • Combining blinds and marks •Triples •Diversions • Take hand signals for blind retrieves up to 100 yards + on land and in water • Hold place while other dogs work
$600 monthly
A Gundog is an athlete. A quality diet, joint health and parasite control is vital to reach their full potential through proper conditioning. Included in all of our programs:
Required on your dogs arrival for all of our programs: •A current health certificate for your dog from your vet. • The dogs legal owner to read over and sign the 806 Gundogs Release, waiver of liability and hold harmless agreement. Required for the duration of your dogs training with us: •Monthly heartworm and worming treatment, from your vet. (Inteceptor Plus or equivalent) •Monthly flea and tick treatment from your vet. (Nexguard or equivalent) Any additional veterinary expenses required for your dog while in our care is your/the owners financial responsibility. We strive to provide the best care possible for your dog. If a veterinarian is needed we will notify you first and follow your instructions/approval for treatment. In the unlikely event of an emergency situation, and we are unable to reach you before a decision for veterinary treatment is required for your dog’s survival, we will approve any treatment/action necessary to preserve your dogs life, on your behalf.
$600 monthly
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• Introduction to our gundog program • Introduction to basic obedience ( Here, sit, heel,) • Crate conditioning • Introduction to birds • Introduction to water • Socialization